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If you give a fish to a hungry man, he will survive for a day but if you teach him how to fish, he will survive for his lifetime….

Rahgeer India Defence platform was developed with the aim of providing personalised, goal oriented and affordable guidance to students for Defence related exams and interviews so that they can navigate not only defence related exams but also the uncertainties of their future life.

Since our inception in June 2017, we have come a long way in achieving both our aims. We have provided guidance on every aspect of defence exams to include written and SSB. Our SSB and defence related videos in YouTube have already crossed millions of views and our websites raahgeerindiaenterprises.com and raahgeer.in are frequented daily by thousands of students for availing defence related materials. Many of our students have now completed training in academies and are performing very well as officers.

As part of this initiative, we started our WhatsApp based Course in the month of May 2020. We offered detailed opening test with Psycho-analysis examination and counseling, daily WAT, SRT and TAT practices with feedback on each word written by a student. We also started with video conferencing based Group Discussions and Personal Interview Question Sessions. The course received tremendous response and we had to say no to many requests for inclusion as we didn’t want to compromise on quality of instructions. Our endeavor was to give personnel attention to each participant and that’s why we had to decline the requests.

Considering the requests of various candidates who were fed up with high fees of coaching academies without proving any personalised guidance, we converted our WhatsApp guidance to full course of 15 days. This course is a complete package for any new student who wants a comprehensive package on how to approach SSB, what all is asked there how to tackle all types of tests.

We have also started with tailor made guidance for students who already have basic knowledge of SSB procedure and want a real-life experience before the main SSB. This course is tailor made for those candidates who have prepared themselves for SSB but are not sure how they will perform under exam conditions. This is also a follow up course for all candidates who have undergone the basic crash course of 15 days and now want to test themselves individually. This has flexible timeline and a candidate can schedule his tests as per his convenience and time. It is personalised for a candidate as only he/she is privy to all the happenings. It’s like personal tutor at your doorstep!


15 days Crash Course (for beginners) – (Rs. 2500/- including all taxes)

Raahgeer India SSB 15-Days Crash Course
  • Full Psycho- analysis test of 30 x WATs, 30 x SRTs and 12 x TATs.
  • Detailed individual counselling session on personality flaws and weaknesses for SSB.
  • 10 x modules of 15 x WATs, 15 x SRTs and 3 x TATs daily with comments on each response.
  • Full psychological tests to include TAT, SRT and WAT with evaluation and instant results
  • Live Screening Test (online) with PPDT story writing, story evaluation, narration by students followed by discussion
  • 20 x Interview questions duly assessed.
  • 1 x Live Interview with a candidate with others in attendance
  • 1 x Live Lecturettepractice
  • 1 x Real time Group Discussion
  • 1 x Class on Group Planning Exercise followed up with live practice
  • 1 x Self Description Test
  • Daily Evaluated results

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7-Days Personalized Course for Pros (One to one with assessor) (Rs 1500/- including all taxes)

Raahgeer India SSB Personal Course
Raahgeer India SSB Personalized Course
  • Opening Psycho- analysis test to gauge candidate’s strengths and shortcomings
  • Detailed individual counselling session on personality flaws and weaknesses for SSB.
  • 1 x TAT set of 12pictures followed by evaluation and counselling
  • 1 x SRT set of 60 situations followed by evaluation and counselling
  • 1 x WAT set of 60 words followed by evaluation and counselling
  • 1 x Live Interview
  • 1 x Live Lecturettepractice

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How to apply

All desirous students can visit our website at http://raahgeerindiaenterprises.com/ Or https://raahgeer.in/ and see the details for payment. Those who want to pay directly can pay at the following UPI links

Google Pay / Paytm or Phone Pay UPI ID: directorraahgeerindia@okhdfcbank

Once the payment has been made, you can post the receipt on our WhatsApp number +919350152472. Moment we get the receipt, we do your registration and send links of SSB materials and the Opening Test. The analysis of the opening test and counselling is done prior to the start of the course so that you are ready on the Day 1 of the course with full guidance and vigour.

SSB and Written Materials

Rahgeer India has also uploaded hundreds of videos on SSB and defence related information on our YouTube channel and our main website.

Rahgeer also offers complete career and life management guidance which can be accessed via our main website.We also have e-books and other guidance materials which can be purchased from our website. We wish all students best of luck for all their future endeavors.

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