SSB Crash Course – 02

RaahgeerIndia platform was developed with the aim of providing quality and affordable guidance to students for Defence related exams and interviews. Since our inception in June 2017, we have come a long way in achieving both our aims. We already have around 70,000 subscribers in YouTube with 4 million views and our website is frequented daily by thousands for availing SSB related materials. Many of our students have now completed training in academies and are performing very well as officers.

As part of this initiative, we started our WhatsApp based Course in month on May 2020. We offered detailed opening test with Psycho-analysis examination and counselling, daily WAT, SRT and TAT practices with feedback on each line written. We also started with Zoom based Group Discussions and Personal Interview Question Sessions.

The course has received tremendous response and we had to say no to many requests for inclusion as we didn’t want to compromise on quality of instructions. Our endeavour was to give personnel attention to each participant and that’s why we had to decline the requests. Our apologies to all those whom we could not include in this course as we didn’t want to exceed pre-decided strength.

Considering the fact that the SSB interviews are likely to begin soon and we have lots of pending requests, we have decided to start our second course with effect from 15 June 2020. The course will have the following: –

• Full Psycho- analysis test of 60 x WATs, 60 x SRTs and 12 x TATs.
• Detailed individual counselling session on personality flaws and weaknesses for SSB.
• 10 x modules of 15 x WATs, 15 x SRTs and 3 x TATs daily with comments on each response.
• 20 x Interview questions duly assessed.
• 1 x Live Interview with a candidate with others in attendance on Zoom App
• 1 x guided Group Discussion
• 1 x real time Group Discussion
• 1 x Class on Group Planning Exercise followed up with live practice
• Topics for lecturette

In addition, the new course will have the following additional features: –

• Screening test Practice (live on Zoom)
• 1 x PPDT story in 4 minutes
• 1 minute story narration
• Group Discussion on story and final solution
• Evaluated results

Testimonials / Feedback from our current course (exactly in their own words). Our first course has been found extremely useful by students. Few testimonials from our students in exactly their own words are penned below.

Rippa Biswas, Orissa

Before joining this course I was a little afraid of SSB as I belong to a place where there is no such defense academy near or far away. After joining this course I get to know a lot of things like the SSB process elaborately, how to handle it, and what are required from the cadets and how should an aspirant make his mind. i learn how to find a positive way out of every situation. Joining this course has enhanced my confidence and make me feel like I can crack SSB.I observed that after joining this course I am growing a lot, learning a lot. i become more serious, disciplined, regular, organized and attentive. Every day I am learning something new and I am getting a better chance to learn from my friends too. I am seeing myself becoming a better person day by day.i learn how to make WAT in a proper way, what are the difference between PPDT and TAT, how to handle negative situation and how to react in a organized way for a SRT. it helps me to have a better self esteem. I learnt that the most important thing is to be real because through SSB our original personality is going to be judged. So i am learning that how to pour the officer like qualities in myself.the valuable attention of sir helps me a lot .Everyday when he point out my mistakes it opens me a great opportunity to recognize my mistakes and work on it. when sir praises it magically increases my self confidence and positive energy. I feel presence of Sir is enough for a fresh start up. He treats us like his own children and we feel so special for that. His valuable comments push me to do better everytime.Actually The course is not only an SSB guidance course,but also a personality development course where an aspirant is provided with the best effective guidance that he can for.
With regards, Yours obident – Rippa Biswas

Meghna Dahiya, Haryana

Raahgeer – A platform where not only i.. but i m sure that we all those who are a part of it gain a boost a confidence. As we pratice a lot … In sir’s guidance …and learned a lot with each mistake we did.. and still learning. I prefer this over others because i don’t think any other source can provide such attention to each individual in depth which is the basic requirement to know one’s shortcomings to overcome those to improve oneself. Few things that i found the best here are:* Best quality education at lowest cost ever*Attention to each and every aspirant * Telephonic session with col. Ajay sir * We are exposed to group so that we can learn from not only our mistakes but from others too* online GD and GPE And even motivates us to do it as many times we want. I can’t thankyou enough ajay sir for providing such an opportunity for all of us.

Snehal Wamanakar

This course is helping me a lot in understanding what is expected out of a candidate in psychological tests,before I wasn’t much aware about it , but under your guidance things became more clear. I found that previously I was just focusing on making good stories but now realized that relating it to given picture is even more important. Best thing about group is that we get to learn from others. Here we get individual attention & our every word is assessed by experts that too at very affordable price. This helps to us to know our weakness & strengths in more detail. My message to defence aspirants is that when hardwork meets right guidance leads to success & if you want to experience this join the group and feel the difference.

Yonda Yugakeerthi

Before your guidance I am in a thought that we have to see the picture of TAT in a positive way and to write a made up story and to show how much positive thoughts you have. After your guidance I came to know that we have to accept the negativity as it generally happens and bring out our officer qualities to deal it efficiently and effectively. In WAT also I thought any sentence what comes into mind to write, with your guidance I am learning to write action oriented sentences and to eliminate some words that are not preferred in ssb. In SRT now I am more like learning what to do and what not to do and reality matters more and just statements. Everyone has to do their duty and we cannot always deal with every situation and become hero. Sir to wind up I am learning the reality of the process and I’m very happy for that in which I’m ignorant till now. This will help me a lot in my life too. Thankyou for the guidance sir. Lots of love and respect to you sir. Thankyou very much. Jai hind.


Market Cost. Many of you have done the coaching and are well aware of the pricing and attention you get in coaching academies. The normal fees structure for any online course outside is as under:-

• Psychological Counseling : Rs. 3000/-
• Psychological Module : Rs. 2500/-
• Group Discussion & GPE module : Rs. 2500/-
• Screening Test : Rs. 2500/-
• Interview Questions : Rs. 1000/-

Total : Rs. 10,000/- to 12,000/-

• No personal interaction is provided with instructor on daily basis
• No personal comments on each and every line written by you

Our Pricing

Our pricing has been determined at ‘No profit and No loss basis’ so that we can sustain the people who are working with us. The total course of 15 days with us will cost only Rs. 2500/- including everything. This is less than 1/5th of the market rates kept especially for students who can’t afford costly coaching.

How to apply:

Those who want to pay directly can pay at the following UPI links

Google Pay / Paytmor Phone Pay UPI ID: directorraahgeerindia@okhdfcbank

Once the payment has been made, you can post the receipt on our WhatsApp number +919350152472. Moment we get your receipt, we will add you in the WhatsApp group and send you the links of SSB materials and the Opening Test. The analysis of the opening test and counselling will be done prior to the start of the course so that you are ready on the Day 1 of the course with full guidance and vigour.


The students will have to follow the rules and guidelines provided by the director of the course, failing which they are liable to be expelled without any refunds. The admission will be strictly on first come first serve basis and the strength of the course won’t exceed under any circumstances.

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