Find Your Future : Career Guidance 2019 e-Book

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A Step by Step and comprehensive Career Guidance Guide – 2019 for Students “Find Your Future”



Find Your Future | An ultimate Career Guidance e-Book

A Step by Step and comprehensive Career Guidance Guide for Students “Find Your Future”

The type of career one picks is one of the most difficult and important decision in the life of both students and their parents. Although,one normally selects subjects in 11thand 12thbased on his/her likely career interests, the choice is restricted by the limited worldview which a student has of myriad career opportunities which are available in today’s inter-connected world.


Even within the stream of subjects chosen by a student, the options available are so vast and immense that it takes years for one to understand them all and by the time they grasp them, it’s already too late and they are no more eligible or have already gone too far in the chosen career path.At this young age, the students often get influenced easily and don’t understand the implications of the choices they make. Its therefore important for them and their well-wishers to be fully aware of the available options in their respective streams so that they make the correct choices right in the beginning.

This book is an encyclopedia all the career options which are available to a student so that one can make a conscious and deliberate decision of selecting the subjects and making suitable career choices. The book starts with various options available to students in different streams and thereafter covers each stream in detail. The second half the book contains detailed information about various diploma, degree and professional programs offered pan India for students to make an informed choice. Various competitive exams and their details along with the institutions or universities are also available in the book.

After reading this book, one won’t have to go to a career consultant for guidance. The complete information on career choices and their pathways has been presented in a lucid manner so as to enable a student in his early life itself to understand the choices available to him/her and how to go about achieving them.

5 reviews for Find Your Future : Career Guidance 2019 e-Book

  1. Naneen

    As parents, we were really worried about future of our only kid. There were only few options on the horizon and neither school nor any consultant could help. We then came across the book by Rahgeer India. Its a complete encyclopaedia of all the streams available, various courses which one can undertake and various competitive exams. We are really thankful to the publishers for compiling complete information in one volume. A must read for all parents and students.

  2. Rana

    One of the best Career guides available this year!! Lucid, comprehensive and a helping hand in crucial times of decision making regarding choosing a right career.

  3. Rimpi

    Wonderful book…it’s really helpful to my daughter. its a great guideline for children. This career book is helpful to enhance our views.

  4. Rashmi

    Superb book…really its very good book to our children.thanks for such a precious guideline through this book

  5. Kshitij

    Its an amazing book, the perfect guide for the children. Highly recommenced book!! The special thing about the book is that it can be read by anyone disregarding the age because the book has got almost all the professions mentioned…. Really thankful to the author and its really lucky of me that I found out about this book…

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